“ The Right Action Needs The Right Vision”

Edward Carter


Dealing with infidelity alone can feel like finding yourself in an airplane at 30,000 feet and hearing you have to prepare for a sea evacuation. Now you’re faced with
having to find your life-jacket, parachute AND read the instruction manual in less than 3 minutes.

Let me walk along side you while you prepare to enter the stormy affair recovery seas, not knowing what to expect ….

Hello, my name is Christine Lindner

I am a peer counsellor with Infidelity Counselling Network mentoring betrayed spouses, and I have been trained with the Infidelity Recovery Institute on how to journey through the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Method.

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Seven Step Infidelity Recovery Method


Committing to any type affair recovery process is challenging at this time. The Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist, helps people understand why each of the seven steps is so important to personal healing, and to rebooting the relationship. Without the expertise advice and encouragement from the experienced Counselor, many people will not have the energy, beliefs, or skills to move through affair recovery and reboot their old relationship.

The Affair Story

The goal is to overcome Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder, to travel through the 5 stages of grief: denial; anger; bargaining (hanging on to old behaviours without acknowledging the need to change); depression & extreme sadness; to acceptance –letting go of anger and the emotional pain and moving towards a historical memory of the affair ( the affair is a part of your marital history ) but moving on TOGETHER AS A TEAM OF EQUAL PLAYERS.

Personal Healing

It is difficult to RECOVER from infidelity when you are in a deeply traumatized state. It is hard for a couple to work through the issues surrounding the affair if both people are not able to emotionally participate.

Sex and Intimacy

Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful In the IRI 7 Step Course, Sex & Intimacy has its own Affair Recovery Step, because Sex & Intimacy is a major component of what keeps a relationship alive & monogamous. Relationships that do not have a healthy sex life WILL BE IN RISK OF FUTURE INFIDELITY

Emotional Needs

It’s essential to realize that what you THINK causes you to FEEL a certain way. That in turn causes you to DO certain things that ultimately lead to specific RESULTS.It’s a chain reaction we call TFAR: Your Thoughts lead to your Feelings, which lead to your Actions, which lead to your Results. Your RESULTS reinforce your initial thoughts so they become self-fulfilling prophecies. After proving yourself right over again, your thoughts become BELIEFS. Beliefs then become automatic thoughts that drive your behaviours . In other words, habits.


Forgiveness is the decision/choice to give up the right for vengeance, retribution, and negative thoughts toward an offender in order to be free from anger and resentment. This process promotes healing and restoration of inner peace, and can allow reconciliation to take place in the relationship. Since it is sometimes unsafe or impossible, forgiveness does not always involve reconciliation. Forgiveness is not always quick, it is a process that can take time to unfold.

Moving Forward

1. Be ready to take ownership for your healing and personal growth.
2. Creating space for friendship & intimacy
3. Setting new ritual and changing the communication patterns.

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