Each person grows up with different life experiences.  A person’s interaction with parents or authority figures also affects a person’s personality.  What if a person was the baby of the family and was accustomed to having someone else do everything for him/her.  Would it not be anticipated that the expectation would be present for that person’s spouse continue as “part of the marriage” expectations.   What if that person also expected the other party not only do everything for him/her but also had a child’s mindset in that nothing was required for that person to give back.   What if a person was the first born child and had more of a driven personality or controlling personality.  How does that impact the relationship.  Then there is the forgotten middle child who was ignored.  Could it be that that “me” in the relationship would have excessive expectations of what the other person needs to do to compensate for the childhood lack and put excessive demands on the other spouse.